Cosmetic Dentistry

Teeth Whitening

Your smile is one of your most recognisable features, and tooth colour is the most important variable of the attractiveness of a smile. That is why a brighter, whiter smile can help improve your appearance and give you a substantial self-confidence boost.

Our teeth can often become darker as we age. This is due to the normal process of ageing. It can be exacerbated by the consumption of coffee, tea and red wine; and the habit of smoking. However you can regain a brighter, whiter smile with the help of our teeth whitening treatments.

At the Melbourne Dental Group we recommend Home Bleaching systems where the whitening treatment is performed in the comfort of your own home. A custom fitted tray is fabricated to fit perfectly over your teeth. Bleach is placed in the tray and the tray is then fitted onto your teeth. You can choose to apply it overnight, or during the day. The process generally takes about two weeks.

At the Melbourne Dental Group, we will first evaluate your teeth and determine your suitability for bleaching. On appropriate patients, bleaching will predictably lighten the teeth a number of shades. Teeth whitening treatments have undergone extensive testing to ensure their total safety. It does not damage the teeth and has minimal side effects.