Dental Implants

Whether you have lost all your teeth, a few of them, or even just one tooth, dental implants should be considered to restore full use of your teeth and to create a happy, confident smile.

Implant retained prostheses consist of two components. The first is the dental implant which is a biocompatible titanium screw that integrates closely with the bone. It is surgically placed by an Oral Surgeon or a Periodontist in the jawbone to form a stable foundation for an implant borne prosthesis, the second component. The implant borne prosthesis can take the form of a crown, bridge or denture; depending on whether you are replacing one tooth, multiple teeth,or all your teeth.

If a single tooth is missing, an implant can support a crown.

If multiple teeth are missing, implants can be used to support a bridge, which is fixed and does not damage or rely on the adjacent teeth for its success.

If all your teeth are missing, implants can be used to support a removable or a fixed full denture. Implant retained removable full dentures (an overdenture) are far more stable, retentive and comfortable than regular full dentures. An implant retained fixed full denture is attached permanently to a number of implants, and creates a fully functional and aesthetic dentition. Many options are available, and your Melbourne Dental Group dentist will be delighted to explore them with you. 

The Melbourne Dental Group are experienced in placing and maintaining the various implant borne prostheses. Our practice has been working with implants since their inception in dentistry in the mid 1980‘s. All our dentists are familiar with the many implant systems available, and our practice has even participated in an implant research project.

Restoring mouths with an implant retained prosthesis requires teamwork between the Oral Surgeons and Periodontists that surgically place the implants, the Dental Laboratories that construct the implant supported prosthesis, and the restorative dentist at the Melbourne Dental Group who attaches and maintains the final prosthesis. These other service providers are generally located near the the Melbourne Dental Group, often being in the same building at 20 Collins Street. This allows close cooperation to ensure the best possible outcome.