General Dentistry

Children's Dentistry

At the Melbourne Dental Group, we enjoy treating children, and have been delighted watching many of our young patients over the years grow into teenagers and adults.

We invite you to introduce your child to our team at the Melbourne Dental Group early, to familiarise them with our practice and dental equipment. Introduction to the sights and sounds of the dental environment, without having to do any major dental work, eases the child into the world of dental care.

At the Melbourne Dental Group we place a heavy emphasis on preventive dentistry in children, and we’re always happy to provide dietary advice and oral hygiene instruction. We strongly believe in implementing good dental habits from an early age.

We recommend that your child attend regular check-up appointments at the Melbourne Dental Group every six to twelve months. Regular recall appointments allows us to detect and treat dental disease such as dental caries. They also allows us to monitor the transition from baby teeth to permanent teeth, and assess the bite for possible timely orthodontic intervention. Monitoring the health of your children’s teeth in the early stages of their life will help prevent, detect and treat problems before they become more severe.