General Dentistry

Partial & Full Dentures

A denture is a prosthesis that replaces teeth. It may replace some of your teeth (partial denture) or all of your teeth (full denture). Dentures are removable which enables you to clean them. It is the most simple and cost effective way to replace teeth. Dentures do haveĀ  limitations in that they are not rigidly fixed and tend to have some degree of movement, and that they have the potential to get food caught around them.

Partial dentures replace some of your teeth and rely on your remaining teeth to retain the prosthesis. They are individually designed to the parameters of your mouth. The base can be made of either plastic (acrylic) or metal (Cobalt Chrome), and uses clasps to engage the remaining teeth which anchors the denture. The teeth are made of plastic and matched to the colour of your existing teeth.

The Melbourne Dental Group work closely with the Dental Laboratory to ensure that the final denture is fitting comfortably and is aesthetically pleasing. Our close relationship with the laboratory also ensures that any denture breakage can be repaired promptly.