Patient Information

First Appointment

The Melbourne Dental Group team are always happy to welcome new patients to our practice.

Your first appointment begins with a discussion of why you are seeking dental treatment. If you are seeking emergency dental treatment, we will prioritise this and provide appropriate advice and treatment to address your presenting complaint. If you are seeking a general dental check up, we will provide a comprehensive full mouth exam.

A comprehensive full mouth exam will include an assessment of your soft tissues, gums and teeth. Radiographs are often indicated to provide us with vital information about your teeth and their surrounding bone. Your input is vital, and we will ask about your past dental experiences, your future expectations, and any dental issues that you would like us to address.

Based on your clinical examination and x-ray results, we present our findings to you. Treatment options for the various dental diagnoses are discussed. These discussions will include a description of the treatment process, the number of appointments required, the likely success rate, and costs. Once you have all this information you can make an informed decision about future treatment. We then can develop a definitive itemised treatment plan with its associated costs.

If your dental examination is straight forward, and all you require is a routine scale and clean of your teeth, we may proceed and complete this at your first appointment.